Welcome to GIGAVoltz The official Voltz server!

A nuclear war has broken out after a new mysterious material known as "Red Matter" was discovered. Two companies, Quantum Labs and Toxic Fusion, are in an arms race to harness the destructional force of this matter to take control of the world.

You must choose which side you will fight on.

How to Play

GigaVoltz Replaced

GigaVoltz has been replaced with our own custom mod pack: GigaTech. Please join this server instead.


Our Voltz server runs Bukkit plugins! This allows us to have an economy, shops, spleef and much more!

Great Community

At GigaVoltz the community what we pride ourselves most with. We strive to keep a clean and fun community for everyone to enjoy! Only the best membership applications get accepted by us. Our players collaborate together in towns. There is always someone there whom you can join.

Dedicated Server

At GigaVoltz we utilise a dedicated server with powerful hardware in order to ensure that there will be no interruptions for you as a player, especially with the resource intensive Tekkit mod running. Everything runs on dedicated hardware which gives us full control and a more predictable environment. With top-tier bandwidth providers our server stays up 99.9%.

Friendly Staff

Our handpicked staff are dedicated to offer you the help and support you need to enjoy the game. There is always someone there to contact should you have any questions or are in need of assistance.